May 1 Part 3

I do have to admit that a lot of emotion is coming through right now.  I am not in one of the greatest moods this afternoon after my counseling appointment and I can not really explain it.  I am glad that CSE will be back at her place before Monday because we are expecting a new manager to start on Monday, May 6th,  I met her briefly yesterday and she seems like a very nice person.  My day is also feeling a little fear of that daydream I had earlier today – this morning – when I had been sitting here working on stuff online and writing for the day.  I really do not like certain people anymore – a former friend of mine and a certain tenant who lives here at Burbank Plaza.  I am beginning to wonder if one of our former tenants has anything to do with what a certain trio at Burbank Plaza is all about right now because it so happens that a tenant happens to be a friend of this former tenant.  Some people make me so sick.  My emotions are very high on this one.  My emotions are very high on the fact that CSE has gotten angry before even rationalizing what I say and stomping her feet around here and throwing things around – her things because after my counseling appointment this afternoon, I had asked her if there is anything that can be taken up to her place to help get rid of some clutter.  Honestly, it upset her to the point of destructive behavior.  This evening we have finally agreed to have her going home before Monday when the new manager starts because the new manager wants to know everyone and she might be visiting tenants.  CSE and Ethan need to be back at their own place in their own surroundings again anyway.  I am not responsible for how CSE reacts to things but I still get upset at her outbursts and reactions to my way of speaking instead of asking questions.  Childish behavior has come out of her big time the past three days.  Unbelievable!!!

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