My Weekend

I do have to admit, with it being Sunday, my weekend was spent at home for the most part of it, alone except when my shower gal was here Friday and Saturday afternoon.  CSE’s cat went home Friday afternoon so Bing and I had our place to ourselves all weekend.  I have learned that having a friend over longer than usual is not a good idea – like a roommate situation – and having a roommate is nice once in a while.  It will be a while before CSE comes to sleep over again but she is still welcome to come here as usual.

I did not do much yesterday except watch TV and play games online, and take it easy for the most part.  Today I plan on going to church and so I better head off and go and get ready as my ride will be within an hour to go to church.

More later…

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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