My Weekend & Today (My Monday)

My Weekend

I had fabulous (fabtabulous) weekend!  I went to church Saturday morning, and spent the day at home after church.  I had no company Saturday night.  So after my Saturday evening shower, the rest of the night was all mine and my cat Bing’s.  We had snuggled and had our conversations, and he told me all about his morning and early afternoon without me while I was at church and was the happiest cat when I got home.

On Sunday, I went to church in the morning and Sunday School (Growth Group) after service, came home shortly afterwards.  I called my friend BS, who lives in the apartment directly above me and we had lunch together and watched a TV movie that I recorded last night titled Beverly Lewis’ The Confession with Katie Leclerc who happens to be one of my favorite actressses from another TV show titled Switched at Birth.  I did not watch the show this past season, though.  I will have to catch up next season when Switched at Birth comes back on unless it was one of the shows that was cancelled and I did not hear about it like CSI: Miami.  Anyway, after watching the movie The Confession, which was very good, BS left for the rest of the afternoon and I left for church once again at 630 pm.

After church Sunday evening, coming into the building, I visited with a couple of neighbors who happened to be in the lobby while I was heading to my apartment.  I even saw CSE come out of the community room, recreation room some tenants call it, and I said hello to her but my heart was not too happy to see her.  I am hoping I do not run into her today because I need a break from her for awhile.

Today (My Monday)

Today I have my shower at 9 am (hopefully) … otherwise at 11 am and then I have KP coming over to clean and do laundry.  After that, I plan on going for a walk and check in with the manager.

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