My Weekend

I had a very nice weekend.  I will be heading to bed shortly because I am tired and ready to go to sleep.  I went to church on Saturday and Sunday (today), and I had fun.  Waking up early was not tough but getting myself to move was tough. though.  I did feel busy and I got out of the apartment for a little while – 4 hours on Saturday and 3 1/2 hours today.

Even on Saturday, before church we had a breakfast in the community room/recreation room, and I went to that for awhile before leaving for church.  I needed to finish getting ready for church and I wanted to spend time with Bing Crosby the cat.  That was when I had learned that Bing did not want me to leave for church.

This morning Bing Crosby the cat had a little difficulty of me leaving for church.  He did not want me to leave.  He laid on my lap hugging me and holding onto me for dear life.  I felt bad for the little guy.  I was able to leave with a promise I would be back right after church and I have no plans afterwards.  He got a couple of treats before I walked out the door and things were fine between us again.  He was happy to see me when I got home.  I did not get a chance to get online for a while, though, LOL.  Instead of having a laptop on my lap, I ended up having a lap cat on my lap instead.

I did have my neighbor BS drop by with her dog Sport both days.  It was a joy seeing her and Sport.

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