Much Needed Rain

It has been real nice weather the past couple of weeks and now it is hot and muggy again.  Today we have some rain coming down and it is nice to see and hear.  We were expecting thunderstorms last night late but there was only a 40% chance of that happening but today we have rain and it is nice.  I hate going out in muggy and hot weather.  It seems to dry me out and up.  I feel parched and yucky in the heat.

Today I have another doctor’s appointment.  This one is related to my cerebral palsy and my contractures with Dr, G.  I have not seen him for three years!  WOW!  MM made the appointment last week so my worker KP is taking me this morning for my 1145 am appointment after our food preparation.  I have had my shower this morning at 9 am and BS will be leaving at 1015 am.  KP is here and we are making a vegetable pizza with ground turkey meat.  My pizza is going to consist of light mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, spinach leaves, peppers, and Italian seasoning (Mrs. Dash).  Sounds delicious.

I have taken my medications this morning.  All is good to go for my day.  Once I get back home, I plan to do some writing of my book I have been planning to write – a Christian-based book.  I am not going to have any company today unless BS – my best friend and Sport come down to see me later today for a quick visit.  I do not have any major plans outside what happens on Thursdays and my appointment.

More later…

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