The Last Day of September

What can I really say about today when it has just started.  I have caught a cold but I have medicine for that.  This is my last entry/day to write for September and I am glad of that.  I am not going to play catch up anymore and write whenever I can and have the time or need.  I no longer have anyone here between 7 pm to 7 am anymore so I can have some time for myself outside my scheduled showers, cleaning and Laundry on Mondays, grocery shopping on Tuesdays, and food preparation and organizing on Thursdays, and whatever appointments I have outside the building plus church on two Saturdays and every Sunday when rides are available.  I missed church yesterday because my ride ended up having to go into work and there would have been no way home.  The way things worked last Sunday during Sunday School class trying to find a ride to Bible study for women on Mondays was not compatible. Once someone learned I lived on the south side of town the subject was dropped right then and we only got an “oh” out of a possible ride.  Bethel Baptist has some very unfriendly people.  I know those who are friendly, though.  I will not deal with those who do not have any time for other people who need help.  I know those who are willing to help others.

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