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It has been very busy in my world.  Now I have restarted Weight Watchers last night.  I do not want to be 236 pounds anymore.  I NEED to lose weight for me and not for anyone else.  So now my Tuesdays are grocery shopping mornings, Weight Watchers meetings in the early evening at 5 pm and every two to three weeks I have counseling on Tuesdays as well,  So yesterday WAS a very BUSY day for me.

Today, it so happens that I have a busy morning and early afternoon updating my phone and iTunes.  I really do not have anything to do today except for Bible study this evening.  My patience is not all there exactly but it is going on no matter what my patience level is at the moment or whenever.  I do have my monthly now – started today.  I will be okay, though.  I am always going to be okay at the end of the long, rugged road.


Now, ever since CSE has tried to bring her cat here, I have not talked to her.  She has tried calling me and leaving voicemail messages on my cell.  I am still not able to tell her that I am not happy with what she has done because I told her the day before this incident happened that I could not have her cat here because pet owners can have only pet per household and everyone has to have prior approval to have someone visit with their pet.  CSE did not have prior approval.  I am very frustrated with her and wish the best in her life

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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