The First Day of December

With November gone now and December on its course, I do have to admit that November went by very quickly and I have a feeling that this month is going to go by very quickly as well.  We just had Thanksgiving weekend and now we are going to be having Christmas in 24 days!  That is the odd part of November and December this year in my way of thinking.  I guess sometimes I do not always get it, lol.

I am not totally sure here but I am going to do my very best to write more in my diary from now on.  That means, before my daily shower and the TV off, I am going to write, do my Bible study and reading, and then whatever comes after company leaves, I am here at home holding down the fort all by myself.  This includes getting on Facebook for the morning if I can.  I am not going to make any promises or anything but I will do, definitely do, my very best at writing every day or close to it.

While I was skimming through my private diary this morning, I ran into a diary entry dated May 10 and it was this:

May 10

What is wrong with people these days?  Someone just hacked into my Facebook account a little while ago, and I find that rude and stupid.  Some people are just downright dumb and stupid, and do not have anything better to do in life but to cause pain of some kind to other people.  It is just crazy!  Why bother having the internet at all if people are going to hack into your stuff and be idiots.  I love being online and love associating with my friends and family on Facebook and using the internet to do research and other stuff.  Some people are idiots, dumb, rude, and crazy!

No one has hacked into my Facebook account.  I am reminded of how idiotic people are in this world today with their actions, words, and mannerisms.  I have come to the point of not being able to trust that many people anymore.  I see one on Facebook once in a while but do not talk or text her on the phone anymore.  Another person I have not called for the past several weeks but see her in the apartment complex from time to time go from one place to another, and I do not bother her with my issues anymore because she has her own to worry about.  A good friend of mine is in the hospital, hoping to be discharged today or this week, because she has an infection in her right leg so I do not have company coming down like I usually do from above me.  I am glad my friend is in the hospital getting taken care of.  She has had this infection for a long time.  I am in my apartment most of the time and leave on occasion to go to the grocery store, Weight Watchers meetings, Bible study/prayer meeting, and church.  I am not afraid to leave my apartment; I just really like my privacy and not am bothered much.  I am learning that many people are idiotic and trust has been misplaced big time in my world.  What a good way to start December out!  What do you think?

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