Friday Night With RS and Sport Pup

Winter is definitely on its way here in good ol’ Wisconsin.  It was only between 1 and 17 degrees here in different parts of Wisconsin today.  It did not feel that horrible out in the cold but I was not out in the cold long enough to notice it much.  I just got in and out of a car to go to an appointment and back home again this evening.  Today was med check day with my psychiatrist HL.

Tonight, until 10 pm this evening, I had company over for dinner and to watch television with.  We both had chili for supper.  I mentioned to RS the other day when I had my worker make chili for this week’s food prep and she made some chili herself.  Undercover Boss was not on last night because in its place it was Frosty the Snowman.  I have watched the cartoon every year for years since I was a child and did not want to watch it again so RS and I watched something else.

RS had an appointment this afternoon so she brought Sport pup down to visit and we reconnected after 6 pm when it was dinner time.  I was hungry by the time she got here, lol.  I believe we had a good time.  When RS and Sport pup left, I went right to bed.

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