Where My Thoughts Lead Me From Yesterday

For now I have to admit that I am not fond of making any New Year resolutions because they end up being broken anyway.  I also believe they are of the pagan realm of life.  So I will not be making any resolutions this year.  I will continue doing my best as the person I am, have my walker by me at ALL times so I can have a fall-free year, and learn to calm down before anxiety hits.  I have gotten a Kindle Touch from my parents who live in New Mexico so I plan to read more and watch more Live TV.  I just will not call them New Year resolutions.

I am still wondering why JSL tried to connect with me again after a year and about four months after leaving the friendship that was volatile and going downhill real fast after her dad was let go.  She was very upset and angry – pissed off – and she was taking it out on me.  She got nasty and mean, and texted me so real nasty texts along the way. I was not shocked and decided to not put up with her drama anymore.  She was the jealous type and did not want any of her friends becoming friends with any of her friends.  She would get nasty with other people, even me more than I could have counted, delete on Facebook page and create a new one, and delete and block so-called friends, and then delete her Facebook page again and create a new one and then re-add the friends she deleted and blocked on her last/later page.  I found this annoying and ridiculous and real dumb.  All JSL wanted to do was have control of the drama she created.  That is one reason why I dropped the friendship just overnight.  She was not going to have control of my life anymore.  I had shared another reason why I stopped communicating with her overnight.  Even though it was done overnight, I have to admit that my want to break away from the friendship JSL was planned a long time before. I was just being a Christian and giving her chances but she lost her chances.  I had finally awakened regarding her behavior, attitude, her ongoing drama, and her ongoing emotional ups and downs and decided to call it quits and taking her attitude along the way for forty-eight hours.  She was nasty during the forty-eight hours she tried calling me and hanging up using the *67 feature that hides the phone number.  She was just a troublemaker big time.  I began to see that I really disliked her more than I could love her no matter what attitude.

Today was a fair day.  My mind now goes back and forth about JSL now since she tried to communicate with me on Facebook.  AARRGG!!  This will pass one day yet!

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