God’s Intervening Here?!

The oddity of the day is this.  I cannot get my brother and his wife out of my head again lately.  They have chosen to not speak to us and it has been since 2009.  My heart aches because families are supposed to live in unison with one another but Satan has taken hold of things that has caused a family break up that is yet not understood.  I have a feeling of what has happened but I cannot assume for the time being.  Do I want to have contact with my brother and his wife?  No.  They have hurt family very badly for the direction they have decided to take.  This is a reminder of what happened on the first of January when someone wanted to have contact with me but flat out refuse the idea because of the attitude and behavior I will later have to contend with if I befriended this person again.  All I can do for now, without getting hurt all over again, is pray for my brother and his wife, and now adult children, and for JSL.  I cannot go beyond that at this time.  I do believe, in the light of all this, God is intervening and remind me that prayer is necessary and always is a must need for great prayers.  That is what I personally believe.

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