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Another fine day has gone by.  We have freezing rain the forecast this afternoon later and so I had my shower gal here at 1230 to 145 pm instead of 300 to 415 pm.  It has given me a great chance to relax and get comfortable before tomorrow’s outing to church in Beloit, Wisconsin.  Today was not as busy as I had planned but I feel I got something done today.  I am playing catch up with my journaling and diary entries for the month and believe me when I say my memory fails me to some degree.  I am not going to allow the 2014 year go with memory issues if I can help it.  I have already gotten over two UTIs last year during Thanksgiving week and Christmas week and that is the health issue at hand I want to say goodbye to.  Life is not always fair, of course, but what is dished out unfairly, I will contend to it as soon as it happens.

As I looked outside today, before the rain washed all the snow off the trees, I saw beautiful tree limbs and branches filled with snow and icicles that made the wintry weather look like I was in Narnia before the Spring thaw and the White Witch was defeated by the great Aslan and the greater magic of the stone table Aslan was killed on before coming back to defeat the White Witch and her army.

Well, it’s getting late and I need to head to bed before I doze off in my recliner once again.  So I am here to say good night and God bless.

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