My Saturday Thoughts

Wisconsin has winter right now and last week it was bitter cold for two days and the temps and wind chill was below zero and dangerous.  The schools in my city and the surrounding towns and other parts of Wisconsin were closed for two days straight because it was too cold for anyone to be outdoors.  I know I did not set foot outside whatsoever either.  Well, this weekend has proven warmer, yet cold because it is indeed Winter.  Friday night we had freezing rain which most indeed made the roads and streets a tad bit icy. The driveway and parking lot of my building is icy in some places this morning.

I went to church this morning in Beloit and had a great time praising and worshipping God with other wonderful church members.  We even had a fellowship meal – potluck – after church, then a prayer meeting.  Getting into the church was a challenge worth every step, and getting out of church was indeed easier because the ice had begun to melt in places that were more treacherous when we were first arrived at 9 am.  We left around 2 pm so there was a five hour span between 9 am and 2 pm.  All in all, I had a great morning at church.  Tomorrow I plan to go to church once I make contact with my ride for church.  I love praising God!

As for the rest of my day, after getting home from church, I relaxed before my shower gal came for my 345 pm shower.  After she left, I had supper, took a nap until midnight, got ready for bed, and slept in the bedroom.

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