Change of Venue

You know how lawyers and attorneys use the “change of venue” when it comes to changing the area of where a case should be held for one reason or another.  Well, I have had a change of venue somewhat.  I have decided to get out of my recliner during the day more often when I use the computer/laptop.  I set up my laptop on a TV tray table and I am using the desk chair like I should by sitting on it.  The laptop is still in my living room and it has just happened today that I have decided to change my ways of using a computer.  It is something to get used to but it is something I can get used to very fast.  I have made a decision on spur of the moment kind of thing and now I am going to use my recliner as a recliner and not as a computer/laptop chair, sleeping spot and recliner chair built into one.  It is now used as a recliner and a place I end up falling asleep in and taking a nap from time to time.  I need to stay awake more now that winter has hit us here in Wisconsin and this is one place, sitting in my desk chair with my laptop on a TV tray table every day.  It works!  I will give an update on Monday.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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