My Tuesday Thoughts 2

Today I had my first counseling appointment with SW in the 2014 year.  We have not seen each other since November and the weather has proven to be one harsh winter this year to get to my appointments to see my counselor.  Today was nice seeing her but I was glad to be back home out of the cold and damp weather all the same.

As for the rest of my day, I am glad tomorrow is going to be a light day.  I always look forward to my Bible study evenings at Woodland Community Church.

Today was not a bad day.  I believe it could have been better but I am not going to argue how my day went because it could have been worse than I had planned.  My Tuesdays are going to be the busiest day of the week, along with Mondays, every two to three weeks when it comes to Tuesdays.

My thoughts are still on a rampage about Burbank Plaza.  The type of person I am, I wish that everyone would get along with one another, but in the real world and my right mind, I know that we are not going to get along with everyone.  There is a tenant who will not speak to me at all and I find that childish and rude but I guess I am not the only one who gets snubbed by this one tenant.  Whatever has turned her cold is her problem and she will be answering to God when it is her turn.  She is upset about something and does not like me.  It’s okay.  Her attitude, which I call ugliness, will be questioned.  Sometimes I wonder if she has become bitter because of something has or did happen in her past – her mother’s death.  I really believe that she is mad because my friend RS would not be a part of her group and RS is friends with me.  This tenant probably believes I had persuaded her not to be a part of her so-called group.  I just wish everyone would or could get along.  This group that this one tenant has created some time back is a group of people who gossip about other tenants and also get on cases of tenants who are not following the rules properly.

There is another group that I do not really care for either.  I cannot deny my friend RS’s friends but she does understand why I do not hang around the group she is a part of.  The group I am speaking about do not like the rules and what the manager is doing.  I do not need to hear their stories about what the manager has done or what she is doing.  I cannot stand what this group says about the manager or anyone.  I know that things are going on here at Burbank Plaza but there isn’t anything I am involved in.  I just hear from time to time what is going on.  If the manager is doing anything wrong, I do not see it because I am not around in the public area.  I just wish to stay out of any specific group or clique these days.  I am sick and tired of certain people here now and wish not to become friends with no more neighbors.  I will be friendly to tenants in passing and I have my friends or friend and that friend  RS.

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