My Tuesday

I am so glad Wednesday is coming!  I cannot believe how busy I have been the past two days!  I am looking forward to sleeping in but let’s talk about today since tomorrow has not come yet.

My shower gal came at 830 am and got me showered and I got dressed for the day.  After she left at 9:45 am, I had time for myself before 1 pm so I did a few things online other than got ready to go to my appointment.  At 12:50 pm I decided to wait for my ride to take me to my appointment and it did not show up.  I ended calling the place of appointment and told them if I did not show up it was because my ride never showed up.  They told me that since I called ahead of time and said something it would not be my fault but the company that is supposed to pick me up.  I ended up calling IDS to let the secretary that this was an urgent matter and MM got on it right away and we both found out that they put my ride on Wednesday, January 26th instead of January 25th!  MM ended up coming to get me and taking me to my appointment.  I was not a happy camper that my ride got messed up by a company we have to call in order to get a ride from company as far as medical appointments go.  I am beginning to lose my trust in this company but not the company who takes me to my appointments.  Also having to call some company to establish a ride with a company in your city, town, or area where you live when the transportation is right there is absolutely ridiculous and kind of mindless.  Whoever came up with this idea may have had a great or good idea but it is not working out too well at the moment.  There is some things that need to be ironed out yet.  I feel there are so many loopholes.

Despite all the confusion and feeling a bit upset and not trusting a company, I have to admit that I did get to my appointment on time.  MM picked me up and brought me back home.  The appointment ended up focusing on the company that put my ride on the wrong day but right time for a 2 pm pick up to my appointment and a 305 pm ride back home.  We also discussed the issue with my neighbor and I from a couple of weeks ago that happened here at my place for a couple of minutes.  RS and I are okay now.  The appointment went well.  Having MM at every other counseling appointment I have scheduled helps me out a lot because then I have MM to myself for about an hour or so every couple of weeks.

As for the rest of my day today, I am going to say that it was very good.  I came home and relaxed, ordered dinner out, and watched a little bit of television, took my evening meds, and fell asleep in my recliner.

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