Forever Grateful for the Filtering Process on Dear Diary

I am so forever grateful for the filtering process on Dear Diary ( site because every now and then I get strange postings to look at sites that deal with sexuality and they could be viruses.  I can delete the posts before they are even posted on my diary.  Strange people get on my page from time to time and I just want to throw up that such people get past and would post stuff that deal with sex or sexuality.  It’s gross and stupid, and I am NOT that type of person.  In other words I am not interested in that kind of stuff even though I am straight and not a lesbian.  Several years ago, before the actress died from Diff’rent Strokes, I ran into a site that someone created about her and everything on that page was of her nude.  I was disgusted and I found her rather displeasing.  Despite that page, I still liked the actress – Dana Plato – because I believe she had a moment in her life that she probably regretted later on.  Knowing now that her death could have been because of a drug overdose or she was killed by her boyfriend or lover.  I remember one day she surprised her former co-start from Dif’rent Strokes – Gary Coleman – on one of the talk shows.  I am not sure if it was Sally Jesse Raphael or on Oprah now.  It was that long ago before Dana Plato died as well as Gary Coleman.  I remember Dana Plato having trouble with street drugs along with Todd Bridges before Todd Bridges got clean and sober from street drugs.  Okay, I am actually running off the track here so I better get back on track here.  I will write more tomorrow or another day.  I have to go for now anyway.

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