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Surgery was Monday and it went well.  In fact, it went better than the doctor had anticipated after finding only 2 parathyroid glands overactive and removed them and leaving the other two alone.  I did find myself in an mental battle about being put under anesthetic and did tell the anesthesiologist about my fear of being put under and not waking up.  With that said out loud and taking time with the right people, the idea was calmed down in my head and the surgery went on its way to the finish line with those who believed in God just as I did and the surgery was a success and I had awakened from the anesthetic without a hitch. The anesthesiologist told me she was going to be there for me when I was put under and when the surgery was over and I was being taken out of anesthesia.  A doctor who keeps her word is what I say is a good person.  After I was out of the recovery room and she came in to my cubby room before I was discharged, I had asked her what I her denomination was as far as her Christian faith was concerned.  I was not surprised to hear what her denomination was even though my face may have expressed it.  I was genuinely a very happy 43 years old having found such a wonderful team of medical workers taking care of me while i was preparing, having, and being discharged.

Unfortunately, I do not remember a whole lot of what i did or said during the first two days – Monday and Tuesday – LOL.  I am still wondering.  LOL.  After the pain medication wore off, i did feel the stiffness in my neck and when the doctor and the staff told me that my neck was going to be sore they were not fooling me and I was not impressed with the stiffness at all.  I hurt for the first two days badly enough that I was glad to have medicine for pain.  I did not baby my neck and I did take my pain medication at least once on Tuesday morning because it was unbearable and uncomfortable.  I did have my friend CD sleep over Monday night and she slept over Tuesday night as well.  By Wednesday the stiffness was gone and I was functioning fine.  I just notice the bandage/dressing over the incision below my neck is all now.  I was able to sleep well Wednesday night without a hitch and I had to take my pain medication one time Tuesday morning.

My post op appointment is on Tuesday at 315 pm with Dr. C.

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