Awesome Day!

The parathyroid surgery was two weeks ago today and I walked Woodman’s from one end to the other and back to the vehicle again without feeling my legs were going to fall off and my feet nor were growing inside my shoes with every step after the first 10 minutes, and my breathing was not rough and running out.  It felt good to have legs without the feeling of lead and the burden of dragging on and on in the store.  The only thing that happened today, at the store, is somehow I stepped on a gummy worm and my IDS worker had to take it off my shoe because I was sticking to the floor and it was driving me crazy by the time we got to the potatoes in the produce department of the store, LOL.  I also noticed too that I did not have to sit down as much in the store to regain my legs back nor did I have to sit down the moment I got home while my worker put the groceries away.  It was an amazing feeling inside me.  I have more energy now.  I called to give my doctor, Dr. C, an update on how things were.  Yet, I still can not believe that it has been only two weeks ago since my parathyroid surgery.  Today was a very good day all day long.  I am looking forward to tomorrow’s relaxation day after my shower.

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