The Monday I Thought I Was Going to Have

Mother’s day is over and now we are back to work again for the week.  My schedule resumes back to normal today.  I do have to say, for the most part of my thinking and I am being serious here, I thought that I  was not going to have anyone here today except for my shower gal at 9 am.  I knew that I was not going to grocery shopping today as my IDS worker MJ could not fit me in her schedule today.  Here I am, thinking of May 26th already knowing that IDS is closed because of Memorial Day.  An oops on my part.  So I called MM at IDS thinking that I was going to be seeing MJ Tuesday morning for grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning.  A little after 1 pm this afternoon my IDS worker C came and I was surprised and she told that she had talked to MM saying that I had called saying that I was not seeing C so MM checked in with C finding out that she was going to be here at 1 pm help clean and do laundry.  C said she was on the schedule and said she was going to be here as usual on Mondays.  I was embarrassed as usual, lol.  I made an error in my thinking today.  Oops, lol.  Anyway, the laundry is all done and the cleaning has been a snap and done quickly.  Now I have the rest of the day to myself and I have no more plans today.


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