A Birthday and More Seriousness Here

Today is my mom’s husband’s birthday.  He is 63 years old.  Texted  him a happy birthday. I hope he had a nice day.

Life at Burbank Plaza has not really changed much except for the fact that we have one tenant less.  Tenants here in the building – one moved out in April now – have been lied to regarding the tenant who is no longer here.  There were problems that went unnoticed by us tenants because of the confidentiality and privilege between management and tenant but I have been told stories of what was going on by tenants who believed in the stories being told by them.  My neighbor who lives above me was one of the tenants who was sucked into the lies and the group that was formed to help the tenant who lied to them.  I believed the stories for a while but something caught my attention – through observation – that I was being lied to.  I do not blame the tenants who were a part of the group that was disbanded because of tenants moving out.  I have been lied to by the very tenant herself face to face.  It does not matter anymore because she is gone and the group is one less once more.

Another tenant is moving out this weekend, too.  The group is getting smaller in the building and now the neighbor above me is going to be all alone.  Things are just not going right for her right now.  My feelings toward her right now are feelings of hurt, some anger that is not shown on the outside, and wonderment.  She has burned her bridges and I know for a fact that trusting her again will be very hard.


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