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Life in the Karnopp household is normal as normal can be at this time.  I can not argue but I do have to admit that last week was stressful and very emotional for me for the entire week.  I was not sure when I would find happiness again during that week and it was an awful week for me.  Even though it was stressful and emotional, I did what needed to be done as far as my schedule for the week was concerned and went to my counseling appointment on Tuesday.

Yesterday, I did not feel right so I went to get an urine specimen done because of symptoms of an UTI were present but apparently I don’t have an UTI.  The doctor on call, as Dr. K is not available again this week, still sent the urine specimen to see if anything will grow despite the fact that I do not have a notable UTI.  Today I am feeling better regarding that department.  Along with my urine specimen being checked for an UTI, I got my blood labs drawn for the month of June and didn’t hear from anyone today on the results so I suspect nothing serious or there is nothing to worry about.  If there was something to worry about my doctor or coordinator would have called me right away.

As for the rest of the month, this far, has been more of “going through the motions” kind of month but I believe today my life is coming back to “normal” as normal is.  I think we need to redefine “normal” because “normal” isn’t what it is any longer.  I am feeling emotionally better today than I have in several days.  Having anxiety and panic does not help my world.  It just complicates it!


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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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