A Whopper of a Surprise

My day is going on normal as it usually does on a Tuesday that does not have any appointments.  I always relax and get comfortable on days I do not have anything planned.  I heard from my mom on the phone on Sunday and they told me that they were in South Dakota.  I have enjoyed the pictures so far and hearing from them when possible while they are traveling.  Mom told me, Sunday, that she and Lon (Papa) will be home in New Mexico next weekend or close to it.


I get a knock on my door and I answered “who is it?” and the gentleman on the other side said “UPS”.  I said “OK, come in.”  The next thing I know is the UPS said he was going to leave the package on the floor and I said ok.  The next thing I knew was a dog running into my apartment in circles from living room back to the door.  I did not put the fact that the dog was Raven, my sister pup, and my parents visiting me until Lon (papa) started laughing.  My parents decided to surprise me and visit for a couple of days.  This all happened around 7 pm tonight.  I was definitely surprised!  That is why Mom and Papa were chuckling (laughing) the way they were.  My face was priceless and this time I did not have any warning or knowledge of their plan.  I did not know that they were already in Wisconsin!!

At least for this week, this is my Tuesday.

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