The Same Thought Yesterday and Tonight’s Plans

I am having a good day.  At least I can say I am having a fairly good day.  I am still not very happy about a piece of conversation I had with my IDS caseworker MM yesterday but I will get past the unhappiness of that discussion sooner or later.  I am still a little frustrated about it right now.  I guess I can say I have a little issue with holding grudges a little bit.  Some rules just do not always seem fair.

I am going to have my friend and neighbor CD down tonight to watch Netflix and order from a place called Marcos Pizza tonight,  I have ordered from there a couple of times already and like their chicken dippers, beef and cheese Bruno sub sandwich, and their cheesy bread sticks.  They have salads and I think I am going for a salad tonight.  After CD leaves,, I will do other things before retiring for the night.

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