I Have A Lot to Say 4

It seems that my “I have a lot to say” is yet a work in progress.  I still have a lot to say and it is quite a bit.  Time has found its way to get some journaling done – finally!  It feels good to find the time even though at times it may be short and sweet and more will come at a later time.  My life consists of grocery shopping and cleaning/laundry after my 9 am shower on Mondays, Tuesdays are not super busy unless I have an appointment and most of the time I have counseling scheduled early afternoon, on Wednesdays, unless it is a holiday, I have my shower in the morning closer to the noon hour and then Bible study in the evening.  Whether it is a holiday or not I have my showers on holidays.  On Thursdays I have my showers at 830 am and then meal prep at 10 am to noon.  Fridays are my days where I do not do much after my 9 am shower but the past three weeks – October 24th, October 31st, and November 7th, I have had an appointment at 130 pm at the TCC (Treatment Coordination Center) in the hospital to have iron infusions.  This Friday, November 7th, is my last appointment.  On Saturdays, two Saturdays a month I go to church, and every Sunday, when a ride is available that morning to get to Sunday school and church at 11 am, I go.  I have a very busy week one way or another.  My day is filled with something.  I do not have a boring week even if I even tried.

The past couple of days I have been working on my journaling, not to catch up on the days I have not done any journaling, it is because I really do have a lot to say and do not have anywhere to go until 630 pm.  Tonight is Bible study.

It seems I am finding myself not interested in the lives of other tenants of Burbank Plaza, Garden Court, and Riverview Heights more and more.  I will be sociable to people when I see them out and about but no longer friends with anyone in such buildings as that.  I help a neighbor with her kitty Oreo and friendly to her because CD and I are clients of IDS.  Otherwise my interest in the tenants at Burbank Plaza is not at personal level.   I haven’t lost total respect of the tenants but I have lost my interest in tenants at a personal level.  All my friends are outside of the building now and they all go to church where I go or we have communication on Facebook, phone, and other social connections online.  I have become a private person and will share what is not person on Facebook now-a-days.  I do not have anyone come visit me too often anymore that live in the building and I do not go visiting other tenants.  I believe in the privacy of others, too.  It sit at home and watch TV, Netflix, listen to Pandora, do my journaling, Bible reading and study, Facebook posts and comments, reading, and have people from IDS, Rescare, Catholic Charities, and Pharmacy come when they are scheduled to come.  I have my things to do outside the building so I am not home all the time nor am I alone seven days a week.  I have not had a boring day in a long time.  There is always something to do!



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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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