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I am so glad the weekend has arrived!  Yesterday being the last Friday (three weeks in a row) was my last iron infusion and I am very happy it’s over.  Now I can concentrate on other things that matter to me.  Anyway…

I went to Woodland Community Church this morning with the Pastor and his family (wife, mother and father).  While I waited for Sabbath school to start I looked at my Facebook page and noticed someone commented on a news item I had shared.  The friend said these exact words “You are a traitor!”  All because I shared a news article from Yahoo news I get on my phone about a Republican named McCain, I was called a traitor.  I chuckled at the idea for a while and decided to leave a comment back defending my reason for sharing.  I will admit that I am a Republican but that does not mean I agree with what the government is doing and where it is going.  I was born into a Republican family and I won’t deny my reason for being a Republican.  I am not totally politically inclined but I do understand what is going on and why.  I do not always agree with what is going on.  I do not need to defend my side of the fence or anyone who is not on the same side.  So I have something I want to do today and that is writing a note on Facebook but I did not get to the note after all.  It’ll have to wait until tomorrow after I get home from church at Bethel.

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