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Life in the Kristi Karnopp household, the past couple of weeks now, have been endured and emotional.  I can not even stand the idea of having a shower gal in my home anymore.  I have great emotional turmoil in my world right now that has somewhat some justification.  I have my menses this week indeed.  The past couple of days, this weekend, I have done nothing but cry and wanting to spill more tears.   Yesterday I was watching High School Musical 3 on the Disney Channel and all I did was cry throughout the entirety of the poor and supposedly happy movie.  I am not ashamed that I have done so, crying my eyes out to the end, but it is definitely sick and tired of the tears, fears, and negative emotions I have dealt with the past two weeks mostly but have been dealing with fear of one person in my world that has to be resolved.  I dread Fridays, Mondays, and every other Saturday and Sunday because my observation mode goes on a wild rampage and I will hear this worker’s opinion about something that either I am doing or is on television.  The last time my one shower gal real upset me was she had turned down my TV volume without asking me first when the other two shower gals ask before touching my stuff.  I am just beside myself and frightened at this time and feeling I am not being heard even though I am being heard.  Being emotionally upset and scared right now is making me feel that I have failed somewhere but really haven’t.  This is my anxiety talking and not the happy self I am more of the time than the past couple of weeks and I know I will be okay.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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