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During this time of year we have cold snaps, snow, and whatever else comes during what we call winter.  Yes, winter has arrived in Wisconsin.  We are expecting some real cold temperatures this week.  Yesterday I felt some of the cold but not as cold as it is going to get the rest of the week.  Tomorrow is going to be the coldest of the week and what goes for Thursday and Friday will follow whatever comes.  Yes, winter has definitely arrived!  I will not, after yesterday, go out into the cold unless I have to but today I do have an appointment this afternoon at 2:10 PM today.  I have to out but will dress appropriately for the weather.

I had my shower at 830 AM this morning.  Now I have some time for myself before I have to go to my doctor’s appointment at 2:10 PM.  A company titled You Buy We Fly is picking me up this afternoon at 1:10 PM.  I have seen and heard of this company but never used them before to get to doctor appointments.  I have used K-Town, ASAP or Top Hat, and DMR.  I prefer K-Town but with MTM, you do not get to choose what company you get and I do remember being able to choose what company you can get a ride from.  I do not like MTM very much but I tolerate their business because it is the company you have to call to get a medical ride.  Whoever came up with having to do this was pretty clever but I do not think the person or persons thought out how inconvenient it can be at times.  We were able to call whatever company for medical rides directly until someone came up with calling a specific company for medical rides.

2;10 PM

My appointment with Dr. A is always something I look forward to.  I am sitting in the chair waiting for Dr. A to arrive to help me out.  Every 8 to 9 weeks he shaves my re-occurring callous that is on my right foot and this visit I am going to have him trim my toenails on my left foot.  They tend to get long on after a couple of months or so and unbearable/uncomfortable.

The Rest of the Day

The rest of the day turned out to be of relaxation and watching TV.

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