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I feel I have not been here for a very long time but that is definitely not true.  I have been very busy lately and have not been writing in my private journal lately but do whenever I have a chance.   My private journal is not this journal.  Dear Diary is my more public journal and what I want to share and get off my mind.


I have been sharing Bible verses here via my Bible Scriptures page here at Dear Diary.  I have been busy and last week was one of those weeks that threw me off to the extent that my grocery shopping was on Wednesday and everything else:  cleaning and laundry. and food preparations was on Thursday.  I have no idea what is going to go transpire after this week when we have a holiday on a Monday and IDS is closed for the day.  We shall see.  Today was one day I had to take time for myself ALL day without having my shower gal here at 3 pm earlier this afternoon.  Shower will resume tomorrow at 9 am.


Good night and God bless.  Bing and i are going to bed now.  Yawn…

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