A Wintry World

Life among the living here begins a new month of 2015 and January is now past us.  Starting fresh each month gives me an opportunity to make things better for myself whenever possible from the month before.  I always do my best at improving myself.  I still feel the after affects of January this very day but here I am at home today watching the winter weather increase in falling snow this very day.  It is a wintry world out there this very day!  I have my shower this afternoon.  I am not going to church today.  A ride is not available because the family who takes me to church and brings me back home have car trouble right now so their car is not available for me to get into and my friends SW and her husband MW can not take me to church this weekend due to other plans.  With the world being wintry today, it is nice and warm right indoors.  The weather is really snowy out there and it is coming down so beautifully, too.  Most winters I wish this was New Mexico instead of Wisconsin because winter snows do not stay too long.  Nice time to be indoors!

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