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It seems totally impossible that it is already (almost) the middle of March.  All day today I thought it was the 10th when it really was the 9th!  I really dislike it I get ahead of myself like that because I find myself dealing with a little stress then.  I am doing my best at not getting into stressful situations now because i find myself less agitated and confused or lost and upset.

I feel real bad for my worker MJ!  She got into an accident this morning and so the driver’s side of the car has a dent in it.  He front door does not shut, the back door does not open, the car light does not shut off.  She and I are both glad that the car is drivable but yet I can understand she is not happy and is very upset about it.  It was not her fault but the other driver’s fault for sideswiping her on the driver’s side.  The other driver got a ticket and she didn’t because it was not MJ’s fault.  I feel bad for her and I am glad she did not get injured.  MJ was not having a good start of her day at all.  She wants a day off and I do not blame her.

As for the rest of the day, I had my laundry and cleaning gal C over.  After she left I had the rest of the day to myself after talking to MM.

I talked to my IDS worker MM at 3 PM today and she helped me make an appointment to get the cyst removed from my forehead. The appointment is on April 8th and MM is taking going to be with me during that procedure.  Yay!  I am glad that the cyst will be gone.  At least I hope it will be gone by then!


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