My Saturday

For the first time in a long time I was able to sleep in and slept in until 9 AM!  No church today as the Pastor and CV had to go to Delavan, Wisconsin.  Now, starting Friday, the Pastor and his wife CV will be going to Camp meeting about a couple of hours away so I will not be attending church for the next two weeks,  There is no more Bible study/Prayer meetings on Wednesday evenings until September so my next two weeks will be at home.

With the idea of sleeping in, I felt rested for the most part.  I am glad the weekend has arrived.  Since I did not go to church today, I will be going to Bethel Baptist tomorrow.  I enjoy going to church very much and learning about God and what we are to expect in our lives today and tomorrow.  I do know we are living in the last days.  I have enjoyed a day of leisure watching TV, relaxing with Bing Crosby the cat, and having a short cat nap in the living room.  No shower today and can not wait until tomorrow afternoon because I will have a shower.  Yes, no shower gal today.  The gal Delores no longer works for Rescare.

Around 6:30 PM, Pastor and his wife CV stopped by to drop off some yummy rhubarb from their garden.  I love rhubarb!  They came home from church and dropped off the rhubarb after dinner sometime.  I can not wait to eat some!  Yum!  After they left, time seemed to go by quickly and bed was looming closer and closer.

As time has come, bed has arrived, so I am going to say good night,  I have to get up early and get ready for church.  God bless!

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