Time Is Escaping Me Tonight!

I have decided to take the day and do some stuff I did not expect to do until later in the day tomorrow but since my finances were looked at before bedtime, I found that I could take care of my bills for the month through my bank.  Anyway, banking is done for the time being and I have to pay my rent tomorrow sometime during office hours.  I really want tomorrow be worry free to be very honest.  I do not want any problems or issues to pop up if I can help it.  I took a nap this afternoon for about three hours – accordantly – so I have decided to take time to get things done before 12 midnight and the 3rd comes into play.  Even my phone is charged up for the night!

Today was a fairly good day!  I had my food preparation after my shower.

I dropped my computer for the 2nd time of its life now since I have gotten it.  The dongle that is used for my Fitbit Flex system still works but its protective piece broke off so I ordered a new one tonight when I found that I had the means to reorder a new dongle so that I can sync on my computer.  No big deal or anything.  I was just disappointed for a short while and was able to make sure the broken dongle would still work in the computer and it does but ordered a new dongle.

For the month of July, even though it is only the 2nd here, I have to admit that I find the month starting out nicely and peacefully,

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