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My day has been quiet all day after my shower gal left.  At this time RK can not work this week so I have a substitute shower gal this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Her name is Octivia (sp?)  RK will return Sunday.  This was Octivia’s first time here since she has been hired by Rescare at the beginning of the month.  She is going to be my new every other Saturday.  I hope it works out.  Time will tell how things go with O.  From my first impression of her, which is sometimes not easy to see, I have found her pleasant, nice, a hard worker, and someone I can trust in my home.  I do hope she does work out.  She said she likes her job.

After I left, I pretty much relaxed and made a couple of phone calls.  One of those phone calls was to to let them know that I did not receive the product I bought at the beginning of the month.  I shall be receiving it on Friday before 8 PM.  The reason I say that is because anything can happen.  Found out that the product did not make it to Janesville – its destination – because it got lost during the transporting somewhere last time.  My product is still in Indiana somewhere!  That’s okay because the person I spoke to resolved my issue and has taken care of the problem with no extra cost from my end.  Woo hoo!

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