Where Did the Time Go?

It does not seem possible that today is the day of July already!  Where did the time go?  It has gone by very quickly. Some of the time went by slowly and some of the time went by quickly and to be very honest, I do not know what direction to take to explain the slowness and/or the fastness of the days that have come and gone.  Well, anyway, the month has come and today is the last day of July of 2015 for the rest of its life and mine.  Now I understand why some people have a journal or diary — whatever they want to call it.  To be honest, I have a diary or journal myself but do not write in it daily like I want to.  Time just escapes me and I go to be early most nights except for Wednesdays and the weekends I do not attend church.  I do not stay up late much anymore.  My schedule and chores do not allow me.  Since I have I schedule and chores and I have been out of college for five years, I do not stay up all night anymore.  I cannot do that.  My 45 years have been creeping into old age – thankfully – slowly.  I still do wonder where did the time go?

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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