Been Around

I have to admit that my world has been a tad bit turned around the past two weeks.  Starting Monday, the 21st of September, I believe things will be back on track.  I have to do a couple of things for my Madison doctor regarding my kidney (blood labs), but otherwise it is believed in my head that everything will be back on track.  Going grocery shopping on a Friday, two Fridays in a row, is definitely something I do not want to do on a regular basis.  I will stick with Monday as the day I go.  Woodman’s is a busy store on any day but Mondays the store seems less intimidating.  I have had laundry and cleaning on the past two Wednesdays and starting Monday that will be back on track as well.  My IDS worker C is off on Wednesdays, but she took a couple of hours on her day off to help me. Despite how busy I have been, I have been around.  I just have not been writing a whole lot.

I know I have been off and on, but I have found myself in a world of chaos.  The chaos I cannot explain except that it has been an emotional couple of weeks and I did not know what direction I was taking from time to time.  I just do not do well with changes unless rescheduling is done.  Even though my workers reschedule, I have found that it can be a little rough.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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