I know my morning is almost over!

Morning is upon us here at Burbank Plaza Apartments.  I took my medication this morning so far and now I am just watching a couple of Hallmark movies on HMM.  I watched a movie at 8 AM to 10 AM and now I am watching “Candles on Bay Street”.  I have seen the movie a couple of times already and haven’t been able to watch it from the beginning because of some of the content that dealt with animals.  Today I am going to watch the movie from beginning to remind myself that it is a movie and the animals in the movie are not going to get hurt but only act their roles. I have no other plans except to do my Bible reading for the day, write some more in my book – a Christian book – and going from there.  I have my shower at 3 PM today and after that, I plan to relax and have a good evening before bed.

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