My Thoughts After The San Bernardino Killings/Attack

For a while now I have to admit that my world has taken a roller coaster ride with my feelings, thoughts, and ambitions. Please do not worry about the fact that my ambitions have changed to the extreme, but when it comes to politics and religion mixing together, I find myself politically inclined to share my thoughts through posts and comment on others who share posts of the same. For the first time, since the fourteen people were killed in San Bernardino, California, I have found myself angry and upset to the point of tears. I have always been careful about who comes and goes on my Facebook page as a friend, but today I am even more cautious because my religious beliefs are what they are today and I love God. God loves me very much. God is my protector and I am going to allow Him to plan my life from this forward. What has happened in the past is in the past where it belongs and live life of today.
What gets me is how someone can be so cruel or evil to harm and kill other people. That makes me angry because one of the commandments in Exodus 20 says “shall not kill” This is where I have learned that not everyone wants to know God like I do. What happened in San Bernardino, California the killers were killed and I feel they got what they deserved yet the death penalty came much more quicker than it would have if they were not killed. I have never felt the connection between politics and religion until this attack. Our own country we call the United States has become a battleground for what has been going on for years way before many of us were even born. It took me a while to digest all that has been going on and I am not sure if it is just because I was not ready to accept it or deep down I was internalizing everything until something finally broke free from the back burner of my mind. My spirituality is my own and yet I share my love of God with others.

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