The Crash Did Come

I did crash from 6:30 PM last night to 8 AM this morning.  I slept 11 hrs and 16 mins and I did not hear the alarm go off on my new LG v10 cell phone!  The alarm that went off was my alarm for my 7:30 AM meds that were a half an hour late.  Anyway, I feel rested and tons better, but I still have some residual affects from the anxiety I had for the past few days.  I can tell you what started the anxiety, but i cannot tell you what the last thing that happened.  I have some memory loss here.  My mind is still sorting things out, but what has already been sorted out has been remembered.  The anxiety started when I had learned of the “terrorist attack” in Bernardino, California.  I do not know what happened that was the end of the anxiety attack.

No matter what happened and the crash finally happened, I went on with my day, awake and willing to go to Bible study/prayer meeting with Pastor Van and his wife CV tonight.  When I had gotten out of the apartment to head out the door, I saw our maintenance man J and planned to chat with him for a few minutes but my ride to and from Bible study/prayer meeting got here as soon as I sat down on my walker.  As I walked out the double doors, I saw that the Pastor Van and CV had brought a friend KL.  When I saw her, I got excited and happy.

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