Christmas With Dad and His Wife

Christmas with dad and his wife was a fine morning.  Time with their visit was short and sweet but it was worth every minute of their visit to my place for the 2nd time.  We had quiche and fruit for breakfast, then we opened gifts.  My parents both got coffee – Vanilla Bean – for their coffee machine, a Panera Bread gift card and magnet from Rotary Gardens, and dad got Old Spice Cologne.  Every year he seems to run out of Old Spice and every year I get it for him.  I will not say what I got for my sister just yet because my dad and his wife – her mother – have not had their Christmas yet.  Before 11 am, Pastor V and CV came over to meet my parents and they chatted for a while and then everyone left at the same time,

What did I get?  I got money, a popcorn popper, and a humidifier.  Also, my dad’s wife made something fun wrapping three memories for me to unwrap.  I had gotten a blanket, a fairy tale book, and two dolls that were from the 1950’s.  I remember the dolls and fairy tale book, but the blanket I have drawn a blank.  It does not mean it’s not mine.  It is.  I do have an aunt who might remember.

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