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Mondays are usually my busiest days of the week.  Today I went grocery shopping at Woodman’s Grocery store – my favorite place to get groceries now – and also cleaning and laundry was done for the week.  I am glad, now, that I have time for myself and no more company in the plans the rest of my afternoon and evening.  I sometimes feel overwhelmed with my Mondays.  I hate the feeling.  It scares me sometimes.  Today the feeling of being overwhelmed does not scare me because I am safe in my home now and have my phone nearby, and I am listening to TV right now.  I have had taken the time to spend with God, and this is the first time a while that I have had my TV on all afternoon since my IDS worker C was here.  I watched a Disney movie titled Descendants, Dog with a Blog, Liv and Maddie, and last night’s newest movie titled Guilty Until Proven Innocent with Lori Loughlin and Sarah Strange – a Garage Sale Mystery.  Now I am watching a recorded episode of Joe Kenda: Homicide Hunter after finding today’s episodes of Judge Judy and Dr. Phil at 4 PM did not impress me.  So today, my usual Monday schedule, has been kind of relaxing.  I also played a couple of gaming apps on my phone before putting my phone down for the rest of the night.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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