The Weekend Has Arrived


The weekend has finally arrived.  Woo hoo!  Apparently we have church only tomorrow and not Sunday because there is a transportation issue going on once again.  My friends who pick me up for church on Sundays have a rental car until further notice and there is a broken seat belt, and my friends have protection.  So next week I will have to see about SW and her husband to take me with them,  My other friends do not foresee another car outside their rental for a while.  Anyway, that is okay with me.  I have other things to do this weekend that I can do anyway.  I plan to go to church tomorrow.

I have done something that I believe would have been somewhat of a shock and yet something to laugh about later but NOT at the time it happened.  My desk chair has decided to dump me out of it forward and I was sitting in semi-midair when it happened.  I was stuck in the chair when it tipped forward with my legs straight and I could not even move the chair.  I had to wiggle my bottom out of the chair.  Don’t worry.  I was able to get up with power that I mustered from within me and got to my feet within fifteen minutes or so.  I was also able to get the desk chair back on its wheels and allowed Bing to sit in the chair for the rest of the day.

I had an appointment and while i was out and about I have decided to take time to move the desk chair back to the living room for a couple of days and get back into the program on Monday.  With my body a little stiff for some reason or another and not stiff from the fall or even more stiff from my fall, I will take it easy this weekend and just go to church tomorrow.  I won’t have a shower until Sunday afternoon at 2 PM so  will take advantage of relaxing.  I will have more thoughts tomorrow.  I have to get to bed early tonight.

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