An Idea Came To Mind

For the past couple of days and this week I have been wondering about an old friend from my Milton Middle School days since my ex-boyfriend SLS texted me that he saw her at our West side Dairy Queen.  He has kept me in touch about seeing her while out running errands and dong business.  Today we talked on the phone about him finding her on Facebook and requesting friendship.  I inquired about her married name and he looked it up and told me, and I myself decided to send a friendship request this friend’s way.  I found her on Facebook like he did and sent my request then fear of being rejected.  I had called SLS back and told him that I found our friend on Facebook as well and sent a request and the fear of her not accepting it crept up, and I was told to wait and see what would happen first.

As time moved on, I had gotten my friendship request accepted by my middle school colleague and friend HFR.  The excitement in me crept up inside me to the point that I thought I was going to squeal but I didn’t squeal.  I called SLS back and told told him that HFR had accepted my friendship and he smiled and said that his request might be next.  I surely hope so I told him.  The fear and negatively left for a while bit thoughts rolled back and forth my way and I kept asking certain questions that drove me to start wondering who she was today.

The idea I had in mind a while ago today has come to its head and now I have a friend to catch up with.

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