Since I Last Wrote, Monday, and Today

Since I Last Wrote

I have not written since Saturday morning and that is okay.  No one has gone unnoticed in my DD life or my personal life since Saturday.  I had gotten home from church after potluck this Sabbath/Saturday because I wanted to get right home and relax.  I took advantage of my Saturday afternoon to watch “God’s Not Dead”, a documentary about Jesus, and “A Second Chance” on Hulu Plus, and after Sabbath was over…at sundown, I did some reading for pleasure while being snuggling with Bing Crosby the cat.  I even do not remember much except enjoying my afternoon at home.  I even cancelled my shower for the afternoon and decided to wait for my shower gal to come on Sunday.   I had a very good day even though I was not in the mood to have anyone here at all after church except for my cat Bing.


I could not ask for more how Monday was.  If I could go back in time and repeat Monday over again, I would because it was a wonderful day all day long. I did have some issues in the morning for a few minutes during my quiet time before my shower got here at 9 AM.  I was going on back and forth in my head that I did not want to go grocery shopping, and I did not want to do any cleaning or laundry…that badly.  As time moved on, I had my shower and got dressed and blow dried my hair to put it up in a headband, I felt pretty good.  Even my shower gal was laughing at some of my goofy antics that I developed all of a sudden with words.  After my shower, I straightened up the kitchen table while my shower gal did the dishes and paperwork, and it was time for my shower gal to leave.  I found myself feeling better than I did during my quiet time.  I took time to pray to God during my quiet time that I was beginning to feel better before my shower gal arrived.  God seems to help me through some thoughts and other things that happen (or are happening)  in my life.  As the day wore on and my IDS worker DB arrived around 10:15 AM to take me grocery shopping after stopping at the bank to get $30 worth of quarters…each wash and dry load is $1.50…!

At the Grocery Store

My worker has done once before that I know of but she has walked away from my walker and left it behind. We have had to retrace our steps to locate my walker where we were…last or before last…and it was located unharmed or untouched.  Today to be honest with you, DB left my walker behind once again, and I, insightful on a regular basis, noticed she was not walking with my walker so I asked her where is my walker somewhat panicky and somewhat in a casual sense.  She closed the frozen vegetable freezer door and looked at me and around us, and we started laughing and I also began to panic a little because the walker is my support any time I have walk great distances anywhere!  She told me to stay put but I moved on to the nearest bench to wait for her not knowing what direction she would be coming from, and she found my walker in the aisle where we got dish soap for washing dishes.  By then, not knowing which direction DB would be coming from, I started to get hot in the head which means my panic was becoming anxious and anxiety was trying to rear its ugly head inside me, then I heard DB’s voice in the direction to my right.  I saw she had my walker in tow.  We have gotten our shopping done, checked out, and left, then as we got to the car, DB stopped and I did not see that she had done so and looked ahead of me and saw she had done so by almost running into her back with the shopping cart.  I DID NOT run into her with the cat but I was pretty close when I said “oops” and stopped.  She knew by my “oops” that I almost hit her.  She asked me if I saw she had stopped and I told her the truth that I did not see her stop because I was not really paying attention.  I was watching the cart and not what was ahead of me.  We then left the store and headed back home.

As we were driving home from the grocery store, she didn’t have her phone in the car with her…in the little cubbyhole where she puts her phone.  She patted her coat pocket, her pants pocket, and shirt for her phone.  She could not find it and told me she must have left it at my house.  I told her that she had it with her in the car because she took a phone call and said she was going to text some information to the person she was speaking to.  She then remembered.  We made a stop off a street and she got out of the car and found her phone in the back someplace.  All was good at this point.

Back Home

We get back to the apartment building and I asked her if we could go in the front door but she told me that she was on the clock and couldn’t do it.  We had kind of wasted some time at the grocery store.  I saw a church member and said hello to that church member and we started gabbing for a few minutes – oops – and after that, I saw no one else I recognized at the store.  Anyway, we came into the apartment through the side door entrance.  We started putting things away and DB put a pizza in the over AFTER she dropped it one the floor losing some of the toppings the pizza had – lol – while I took care of Bing Crosby the cat’s old litter box to get the new one set up.  As the pizza was in the oven, DB took my two loads of laundry up to the laundry room after date marking the new laundry soap to see how long it lasts from day of purchase to needing to get stocked up with more laundry soap.  I get Tide free pods and we found 66 pods for a few dollars more than what we were planning on getting…a good idea!  We got Dawn dish soap refill instead of Dawn dish soap in single bottle as the amount for the price was good for the amount even though it was a couple of dollars more than what I have gotten in the past.  Anyway, after I got Bing Crosby the cat’s litter box set up and the old one set aside to take to the dumpsters, I got his new house for his toys and for him to sleep in if he wanted, and have DB the old one for her three cats Angel, Charlie, Willie.  After Dawn came down from the laundry room, the pizza was cooked and cooked to almost being burnt, lol, but it was still very edible, lol, and we ate it all up.  After cleaning and laundry was done, she had left, calling me a little later to ask me if her phone was on the kitchen table.  I told her it was not on the kitchen table but remember seeing the phone almost drop on the floor in the bathroom.  I looked towards the bathroom area and found her phone on my fan in the hallway of my apartment.  I told her that it is here on my fan and she then told me she will be here shortly to retrieve it.  When she got here to retrieve her phone,  I was happy that she found it…again…was able to breathe lighter.  With her almost losing her phone twice was enough (even for me).  I was relieved she found her phone both times as well.  I left my phone at home this time.

Later in the Day

While DB was still here cleaning my bathroom, I saw that one of my favorite neighbors were sitting outside by the smoking section, so I asked DB if I could go outside and see a neighbor before he was gone elsewhere in his world.  She told me I could so I got outside quickly as possible and was able to chat with him for a bit, and then we both came back indoors.  When I came in, DB was still in my apartment and was heading up to the laundry room.  We saw each other for a couple of minutes and then off we went in opposite directions – I stayed in my apartment and she went upstairs to the laundry room.  After she got back from the laundry room – 2nd floor – she put my laundry away, got ready to go, came back a little later to retrieve her phone, left again, and then I had the rest of the day to myself…not knowing what was going to happen next until later…something wonderful in my way of thinking.

Now…for that something wonderful  happening…yes indeed.  My neighbor, while in conversation with him, I heard that SB (former manager) had mentioned me to another neighbor of ours.  I did not wonder much about it whatsoever except for the fact that I was brought up in conversation between another tenant and SB but I was comfortable about it knowing it was not bad.  Anyway, a little later, a neighbor H, came knocking at my door and told me that SB was looking for me on Facebook because she had written a message to me that I have yet not responded to.  I told H that I will look into right away and that is exactly what I did.  I found SB on Facebook, saw the message she sent me on February 20th!, ad responded immediately to it with “hi” then I took a chance at sending her a friend invite and it was accepted not too long after I requested it.  That is what I feel is something wonderful happening in my book.  Being able to connect with SB again after months of her leaving her job here and feeling that I was chopped liver with her for some reason or another. but i believe now that is not true now…yay!

I can admit that today was a GREAT day for me all around.  I could have asked for more and if I could repeat today, I would.  I love life no matter what goes on in it.  Today was fantastic and nothing could deter me away from my day even if I let it happen.  It was an awesome day!!!


I do not like playing catch up in writing much anymore, but this entry is so important to me, so I thought I would catch up on the two days I did not write in my diary here.  With Spring in the air now, I cannot really ignore the feelings I  have with the sun shining a little more and it is warmer out.  Today was another fine day all day long.  I could not complain about yesterday because it went well in my book or way of thinking.  Today was another fine and wonderful day.  I saw my same favorite neighbor sitting outside by the smoking section so I went outside to visit with him for a while with RS and Sport there, and another neighbor R.  We chatted for a while and then both my favorite neighbor and R leaving to go to their own directions leaving me, RS, and Sport pup outside for a while.  We talked for a little bit and then we both went in together to our own apartments.

Today, a gentleman, with the manager KR, came to my apartment to measure the kitchen sink area and look in the bathroom for a handicap bar on the wall of the toilet and left.  I was outside when they first attempted to come here, lol, as it was too nice to be indoors all long.  The sun may have been lacking a little bit today but it was still nice out – no need for a jacket – so I took advantage of the weather before it began to rain for the day or evening, or overnight…not always weatherman proof…lol.

Today was a nice day.  I could not have asked for more once again.  I was another fine day.

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