Feeling Better For the Most Part, A Rainy Day, My Day Before Bible Study

Feeling Better For the Most Part

Okay…life at the house here has definitely gone on whether or not I have been prepared for it since Sunday afternoon. Since Sunday and the upsetting news I had received from M at ResCare,

I have decided to take an idea my other shower gal RK came up with, and I have talked to M Monday and yesterday about the idea/plan in the making if I plan not to want to have a shower one day. It is like today…my hair was not washed today. I will wash my hair again tomorrow, though. BS is not my favorite person anymore but she does do a great job at her work. It is just our personalities do not mix well sometimes like they once did. She is not like RK.

A Rainy Day…

In good ol’ Wisconsin, it is a rainy early afternoon. Not my cup of tea to be very honest here. Ever yesterday was cooler and did not feel a lot like spring. I am not sure about today, either. I have not been out yet but I plan on going to Bible study/prayer meeting tonight with the Van Arsdale couple – Pastor Van and Carol. For a long time now, after my shower and getting dressed and ready for my day, I have had my hair put up in a ponytail. I have had my long hair down and pulled back with a headband to accessorize my clothes I have been wearing. Not today… Not yesterday, either. I am enjoying my time here at home with no interruptions after RK left…until tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM.

My Day Before Bible Study

It has been a quiet day to some extent. I went to see RS upstairs at her place for a little while. I have not been trampling from my apartment past grocery shopping for a long time. I think I have some Spring fever…nice, and good. I situated my kitchen table again today. Since I am left-handed I put my stuff on my left side of the table for easy access. I am not sure if I will please DB with my cleaner table…organized table. I will see what her reaction will be tomorrow morning when she gets here. I did some reading of the Twilight Saga series I have gotten myself into a couple of weeks ago. I am already in the third book of the story. I do not remember if it was this weekend or later in the week that three of the Twilight Saga movies were on but I saw some of the 2nd and all of the 3rd Twilight series in movie/film on TV. The stories on TV were good but the stories in writing are definitely better. I am all ready to go Bible study.

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