A Day To Myself After 11AM Yesterday and the Twilight Saga

A Day To Myself After 11 AM Yesterday & Twilight Saga

I did not have the gumption to write in my diary yesterday really. After my IDS DB left after we had food preparation time. We made chicken fingers in breading, veggies and turkey with mashed potatoes with veggies, and whatever I am not sure of at the moment… Anyway, after DB left, I took it easy. My bowels wouldn’t have it any other way. I did visit my friend and neighbor RS for a few minutes at her place. I had learned that there were two men in her apartment fixing her doorways – bedroom and bathroom – and saw that they put a grab bar behind her toilet – above it – and told both men that I lived in the apartment below RS in another handicapped assessable apartment, and one of the men came down to put a grab bar behind and above my toilet. Then the man left to get some work done elsewhere. With my rest of the day, I snuggled under a bed sheet and did a lot of reading of the Twilight Saga I have gotten myself into a couple of weeks ago. I am almost done with the 3rd book of the box set. I have found some other free books at Amazon Kindle to read as well. The Twilight Saga book set is very good and I have to admit that the reading is better than the movies out there. I do want the Twilight Saga movie set as well but money is an issue for me right now. I have had a great day relaxing yesterday.

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