Hair Color, Feeling Pretty Good, A Little Frustrated and Confused

Hair Color

Okay, I had to do something – a change I have control of. I changed my natural dirty dishwater blonde to a reddish brown. I love it and I feel pretty good with the change. I had to get my mother’s approval, though. Even though I am an adult now, I did want my mother’s approval of the hair color change from my natural color to a brown with red in it. I did not expect a welcome change from friends and family but it was definitely what happened. After I got my mother’s approval, I shared my new hair color in a selfie on Facebook. I got some likes, loves, and comments I did not expect. I love my hair color change. It pays to go bold from time to time.

Feeling Pretty Good

The idea of 500mg of Cellcept/Micophenolate two times a day decided to bring havoc to my body. I ended up getting the oozy doozies and a stomachache on the dosage I was given so Dr. S decreased the medication to 250mg two times a day. The oozy doozies stopped within 24 hours, and I am feeling pretty good. With that said, I do have to admit that I am a little frustrated and confused about something I have going on in my life right now and I hope it does not affect my health to the point of other problems creeping up.

A Little Frustrated and Confused

I know that a friend needs help but she isn’t getting the help she needs. I do feel bad for her but I cannot help her anymore or my health will decline into something worse than what I have already experienced in the past 8 months now. I have been taking care of myself and doing what my doctors up in Madison, Wisconsin want me to do in order to help myself and keep the health I have left with my transplanted kidney. I have cried many tears in regard to this one friend and have felt the anger seep through my body because I feel I have been used by someone who does not care about other people’s feelings. Earlier in the week I had a visitor come unannounced and I told her that I was not feeling very well and could not have visitors at the moment. I know it was a fib – justified or not to God – I did not want this visitor in my home because all she would do would complain about what my friend has done while she was living with this person. Now, I hate turning people away or lying to them like I did with my visitor, but in reality I would have gotten literally sick by the time she had left so I never let her in.

I am frustrated and confused because my friend who needs help with her mental capacity but her family will have nothing to do with my friend because of some things she has done during some changes in her life in the past several years when she was married and later divorced. Her ex-husband has married her, cheated on her, divorced her and married another friend of mine I rarely have contact with now-a-days, and now is married to another. At this time her situation is not good and I am frustrated with this friend because she never listens to me about when I have told her I do not accept calls between 8pm – 8:59am every night and morning unless it is an emergency and she has called after 8pm one time now since I have told her my needs for quiet time. It happened earlier this week around the same time as when her friend tried to visit me but was unsuccessful or I did not let her in. I just couldn’t. When my friend called after 8pm at 8:38pm, she had blocked the number she was calling from so I did not answer the phone. I do not answer to calls I do not recognize or are blocked/private/unknown. She left a message and the message was ready for review, I found out it was her calling. Once she said her name, I stopped the message from continuing and deleted it immediately. I have told her I do not accept calls after 8pm to 8:59am every night and morning and I will not answer to calls I do not recognize or are blocked/private/unknown. I get frustrated every time my friend does this and I know she needs help. Her friend who tried to visit me the other day had gotten worn out from my friend’s behavior, actions, and what else comes along with what is not right.

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