Some Normalcy This Week

Some Normalcy This Week

Since last Monday, the 25th of April I have been out of the apartment on April 30th, and this week on May 2nd just to go to the grocery store. Since I ran out of Mucinex Max DM, I got some generic mucus relief tablets (30), generic eye drops, and will be returning the hand sanitizer to the couple who lent me the hand sanitizer Saturday morning and afternoon at church. I can hear out of my ears but they feel a little plugged from this stupid cold virus I have somehow received by unknown outside my apartment.

After the grocery store we did some cleaning and laundry was done. No appointments this week but I intend on getting back to some normalcy this week no matter how I feel. This cold is going to get licked one day soon.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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