A Busy Day (Somewhat), A Marathon of Sorts, and A Busy Day Coming

A Busy Day (Somewhat)

As for my usual Monday grocery shopping, cleaning and laundry, it has been a busy day somewhat. I met someone new today. IDS (Independent Disabilities Services) have hired someone new. Her name is (abbreviation only) G. It sounds like I am going to continue to have DB. DB is the very first person outside of LB I happen to really like. LB does not work for IDS anymore and hasn’t for at least two to three years now. She is missed. Anyway, today while DB and G with me, it was a busy morning and early afternoon.

A Marathon of Sorts

It is not a marathon of running … not physical anyway. I had another marathon of shows for a while last night before retiring to bed for the night or in my case falling asleep in my recliner all night. I do that sometimes…fall asleep in my recliner. The marathon of shows I watched tonight was Murder, She Wrote starring Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher. From when it began to it’s close (going off the air and being put into syndication on HMM) I have seen every show from beginning to end. When the show ended in 1997, it was not a happy time for me. My mom was not happy either. Before the show did not make another season it went from Sunday nights to Thursday nights…a bad move CBS ever did in my way of thinking. So, whenever I have a chance, I will record Murder, She Wrote and watch episodes.

A Busy Day Coming

Most of the time Mondays are my busiest days of the entire week outside of church on Saturday morning and afternoon, but this week tomorrow is going to be the busiest day of the week. I have my shower at 8:30 AM, a meeting at 9:30 AM, and I go get labs done for Madison between 10:30 and 11:45 AM. I did not get my labs drawn for the month of May yet so tomorrow I will do just that.

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