A Lot of Thought Today All Day Long

Another TV Marathon

I am watching another marathon on TV today. It began at 8:00 AM this morning. Law and Order: SVU is on again today. I cannot ever get enough of Stabler, Benson, and Fin, and the other characters in the show. Even though Christopher Meloni is no longer on the show, I still watch the show whenever I can on TV and on Netflix. My shower gal will be here at 9:00 AM this morning for an hour so I will be recording a couple of the shows while I am occupied getting ready for my day when BS is here for the hour. So I do not have quiet time right away this morning as planned. Before the show began its marathon for the day, I watched two episodes of Law and Order: CI with the characters Goren and Eames. I never can get enough of Vincent D’Onofrio these days.

I Thought It was 7:44 AM

Okay… when I looked at my clock in the bedroom I thought I was getting up at 7:44 AM instead of 6:00 AM. I am not sure if Bing Crosby the cat touched the buttons on the clock or something else happened during the night. The buttons on my sound spa are sensitive and he has done this before more than once but touching other buttons and not the clock buttons. I was wondering why my alarm on my phone did not go off or was even heard when in reality I was not getting up later than normal and fifteen minutes past my first dose of medications at 7:30 AM. I actually got up at 6:00 AM or a few minutes before. I am okay with that but II did wonder why it was still a little dark out at what I thought was 7:44 AM. It made sense after I saw on my microwave clock that it was only going on 6:00 AM. Now that time is now going on 8:55 AM, my shower gal will be here any time now.

Cleaned Up

I have had my shower, hair washed and all ready for tomorrow. I am dressed for comfort today more so than going anywhere today. It is humid out today so my windows are closed and my A/C is on for now. I am all showered for Sabbath (church tomorrow) now. It feels good having a shower on hot days just to cool off but there are days, too, I wish not to have a shower. Today, because Sabbath begins at sundown tonight and I am going to church in the morning, I needed a shower and have my hair washed. I always wash my hair when I go to church or Bible study.

Recording Shows and Watching Recorded Shows

With Law and Order: SVU on and room is room is limited, I have been watching a couple of Law and Order: CI shows, Murder, She Wrote, and recording Law and Order: SVU this afternoon. Even though two of the recorded shows are now in syndication on cable TV channels, Law & Order: SVU is still going on. I am not caught up with that show yet but doing my best on Netflix. I do not get enough Jessica Fletcher, Goren and Eames, and Stabler and Benson now-a-days. I do not consider a lonely person or a loner but I do not mind being alone per se because in reality I am not entirely alone. I have Jesus first and Bing Crosby the cat. So far this day has been very good and I have not taken a nap yet at almost 1:00 PM. I hope I do not get bored enough to fall asleep because of meditation.

Am I Overdoing It?

I am one voice for people and pets that have petitions at Care2.com for a reason. I do not take abuse of any kind or animal cruelty of any kind. I am very careful about any petition that is political because there are always two sides of everything in reality. Am I overzealous about signing petitions? I could be and again I may not be overzealous … depends on the person I ask. Why am I bringing this up today? It is because I asked my IDS worker DB and trainee G if I was an animal activist and is it a good thing. Once again this is two-sided and being an activist for something we care about can have positive and negative feedback. I just hope that my signing petitions at Care2’s website are more helpful than harmful. I do not want to get in trouble with the wrong people or authorities. I will always have my beliefs in life whether it is religious, abuse, etc

Rain, Rain, and More Rain

It has been raining on and off for a couple of days now and it is expected to do so through the weekend here in good ol’ Wisconsin. The wind has picked up enough to see the tree branches swaying in one direction – my right looking out my living room window. Bing is all cuddled up on our bed in the bedroom getting some sleep (a cat nap) instead of cuddling and lying on my lap this afternoon. He’s having time for himself I guess. I am okay with that. Even though it is raining out or cloudy, I do have to admit that I have not had a nap yet today at this hour of 3:41 PM. It is not a first this week really but it feels like it today. With the weather being what it has been for the past few days, I am not surprised that I haven’t had a nap yet today. Maybe I can get some decent sleep tonight…that’ll be great…wouldn’t it? I dislike being tired in the morning during church. Now it is 3:44 PM and the rain has calmed down for now but the tree branches on the trees are still going to my right while looking out the window. Janesville, Wisconsin is going to be wet for a while if it keeps raining.

Friday Night Thoughts Drawing To A Close

This is my last “entry” of the night now. It is going on 7:15 PM Friday night here and I am getting tired. I did not have a nap today…yay! I have to get up early (7:15 AM) in order to get ready for church in the morning. I will be going to Woodland Community Church tomorrow (Janesville Seventh-day Adventist church) with Pastor Van and CV. I would have gone to my home church in Beloit but I decided to go to church in Janesville instead. I am looking forward to church tomorrow as well, too. Yay, Sabbath is coming shortly – once sundown hits…woo hoo. Since Friday is drawing to a close, I am going to say good night early and watch TV until I fall asleep. I am going to take my 8:00 PM medications early tonight and get into relaxation mode. Good night…IT WAS A GOOD DAY!


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